sunflower-lovechild asked:

Hey :) You seem like a totally cool person. hows travelling? ever been up to Canada?

Hello!  Thanks for the great compliment!  And no, I’ve never been through Canada which is quite a shame, because I am often living in Northern Idaho, within 2 hours from beautiful Canada!  I fully intend to travel there extensively though!

Darn it and stuff.

Met a really awesome gal from Germany on the train yesterday.  Convinced her to stay in Oslo for 2 days (cause that’s what my plans were at the time)  and she decided to.  And now I cannot get in touch with her.  So alas, I’m in the capital city of Norway alone again.  Oh wellski… I’m off to try to make some friends I suppose!

Anonymous asked:

Where do you live most of the time? Are you in college?

Currently I do not live anywhere… but most of the time I guess I live in Idaho, in the U.S.  Currently I’m not in college, but I have a 2 year associates degree.  Not sure If I’m ready for round two yet or not.  =)