Well… what next?

It appears that I am doing nothing useful with my life currently. Now, before you all go asserting your opinion on whether that’s true or not, or okay or not, I think we should step back and look at the big picture of the situation. 
In the end, what do we all seek out of life? Many might assume success, or wealth, or prosperity. But underneath all these lofty and dreamlike ideas, I would like to wager that we would all just like to be HAPPY. It’s such a simple notion, why do we all seem to beat ourselves up over such an uncomplicated idea?
I am sure everyone has a different idea of what their ideal happy state might be. To me, happiness is just a state of simple content. When I look around me, I see that I have friends that care and a family that loves. What more can and should I ask for? I do not deserve this.
To complete the circle, I’d like to state that I am completely content and happy with my current life. I might be doing “nothing useful” but perhaps just a small break from the ideals of a society I feel myself growing less and less in touch with might be healthy. 
In other words, as soon as I figure out what I ‘want’ out of life and what my own personal goals might be, I can promise I will full-heartedly pursue such passions. But for now, I am perfectly content living on the cheap, and enjoying the little I own. How beautiful is that? 
Fow now, doing “nothing useful” might just be the right move in my life. 
And in doing so, I am content. 
For now.